Lubricating eye drops

  • Sustain the performance and persistence of your eyes.

  • Prevent tired and stressed eyes

  • Sustain your ability to concentrate and react

  • Optimise the regeneration of your eyes

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Facts about your Eyes

Did you know?

The eye can focus on around 50 things per second.

The eyes are able to process approximately 36,000 bits of information an hour.

In an average lifetime, the eyes see around 24 million different images.

On average, the eyes blink 17 times a minute, 12,280 times a day and 5.2 million times a year.

A single blink generally lasts 100 to 150 milliseconds, and it is possible to blink five times in one second.

The eyes heal quickly. With the right care, the time it takes for the eyes to regenerate can be shortened.

(Source: http://www.erhoehtesbewusstsein.de/40-unglaubliche-fakten-uber-deine-augen/)


PC, console or mobile – Your eyes can benefit from the right care.


Gamer eye syndrome

In particular during concentrated gaming, the blink reflex is drastically reduced and may even be suspended for a prolonged period. This dries out the eyes even more!


Dry eye

Dryness can lead to irritation of the surface of the eye, which may result in conjunctivitis. The use of eye drops to lubricate the surface of the eye can prevent this.


Overuse of the eyes

If the eyes are dry, irritated or very red and it is also difficult to concentrate, eye drops can alleviate the symptoms.


Prompt treatment when the problems first occur

It is important to take note of early warning signals from the eyes and to respond appropriately before serious problems arise.

Vision strain while gaming

Scientifically substantiated

In everyday life we blink 15–20 times a minute when not on a screen. While gaming or during intensive smartphone use, we blink 4–5 times a minute. Professional e-athletes and VR gamers often don’t blink at all for a period of minutes because they are concentrating so intensely.

Why blinking is so important:

Blinking is responsible for the ideal distribution of tears over the surface of the eye. If the rate of blinking is reduced, the surface of the eye dries out and symptoms of fatigue or stress, such as burning, itching or even excessive tear production, are more likely to occur. Spending time in air-conditioned buildings or wearing contact lenses can place further strain on the eyes and dry them out even more.

Even scientists are now calling this phenomenon GAMER EYE SYNDROME. From a scientific perspective, this represents a variation of the lifestyle disease known as “OFFICE EYE SYNDROME”, which, in conjunction with ever-increasing digitalisation, can lead to significantly reduced performance of the eyes.

What might be the consequences:

  • Symptoms of fatigue reduce the ability to react
  • Burning and itching reduce the ability to concentrate
  • In extreme cases, the problems may become chronic
  • Problems with visual digital information processing
  • Headaches may result from vision strain

That is why regeneration and regular care are so important in maintaining the performance of our eyes.


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The blast of freshness

HYLO FRESH® eye drops offer many benefits for the aspiring gamer

  • High-quality hyaluronic acid – for eye care and regeneration without affecting vision
  • Free from preservatives and phosphates, for unproblematic long-term use
  • Premium value for money due to a guarantee of 300 eye drops per bottle
  • Can be used for 6 months after opening
  • Can be used with contact lenses
  • Available in all pharmacies

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